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Why get the Rotisir?

What's Rotisir's secret?

What's Rotisir's secret?

What's Rotisir's secret?


Gravity! The meat self-bastes as it turns, roasting in its own gravy, searing in the flavors. Rotisir's "Dynamic Heat" roasts the meat at 200F as it passes the charcoal, the meat then cools to 90F, stimulating the juices to flow. 

The Rotisir is smart

What's Rotisir's secret?

What's Rotisir's secret?


The heat comes from the side, so there are no flare-ups, and you collect 1oz/ pound of 'drippage' in the sauce tray. Add flavored wood to the charcoal and smoke your meat.

Forget about propane

What's Rotisir's secret?

Forget about propane


Real BBQ starts with charcoal. The Rotisir™ is very simple to use, and also doubles as a hibachi.

 Nothing compares to rotisserie, cooked on real charcoal. 

Rotisir's Video

Rotisir™ Check our our Instruction Video

Rotisir Specification sheet

 Rotisir™ Specification details

Rotisir Specification sheet (pdf)


More about Rotisir


Quality Made

The Rotisir may look basic, but it is made of Military-Grade iron and steel. 

  • Cast-iron hearth 16" x 9"
  • Chrome steel grill


No power cords needed

Rotisir automatically turns your food, cooking it deliciously without effort. 

 Battery operating with spit and motor

uses only 1 x D battery


Chose your charcoal

There are several different kinds of charcoal, including briquettes, lump charcoal, flavored briquettes, and more. 

The type of charcoal that's best for you varies by your grilling style and personal preferences.

With the Rotisir you can use different charcoal for different style and taste.


Rotisir The Best Rotisserie BBQ Ever!



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Each Rotisir comes with instructions,

  • 1-year warranty (90 days on motor and spit)
  • 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee! If you don't like the Rotisir, return it and we will give you a full refund!
  • Product must be returned in original packaging. 
  • Free shipping in the USA!  

It's Rotisir Time!


Ship Nationwide!

Satifaction Guarantee!

Satifaction Guarantee!

The Rotisir™ ships free everywhere in North America! 


Satifaction Guarantee!

Satifaction Guarantee!

Satifaction Guarantee!

The Rotisir™ comes with 1-year warranty (90 days on motor and spit) and a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee! 

 Quality Iron cast plate! 

No flare-ups

No Messy Flare-ups!

Satifaction Guarantee!

No Messy Flare-ups!

The Rotisir™ does not cause Flare-ups, it is easy to clean and store.