Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why won't my grill slide in to lock in the charcoal?

Check to see if you have over-packed the basin with charcoal. There are tabs at the bottom of the spit mounts that make a space for the grill between them and the basin. The grill won't slide in if there is charcoal in the basin higher than those tabs. Remove some charcoal or let it burn a bit to flatten it with a metal spatula.

Q: Do I really have to add more charcoal in the middle of a roast of anything bigger than 2 lb?

The basin holds enough charcoal for 45 minutes, and you have to add more for anything bigger than 2lb. This is the perfect opportunity to also throw in a handful of pecan shells or a a piece of mesquite. Your roast will be kissed by beautiful clean smoke for 20 minutes for that perfect smoke flavor.

Q: What do I do once I'm done roasting?

Once the  Rotisir™ is cool to the touch, remove the legs by twisting them and pulling them off, remove the sauce tray, and put everything into a box. You don't have to remove the spit mounts or mounting brackets, just don't bend them excessively.

Q: Can I put a drippage catcher onto the sauce tray (aluminum tray, etc.)?

Yes, that will keep the sauce tray clean and make sure no drippage escapes! 

Cooking tips :

Q: How do I truss a chicken?

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Ship Nationwide!

Satifaction Guarantee!

Satifaction Guarantee!

The Rotisir™ ships free everywhere in USA. Canada shipping fees apply. 


Satifaction Guarantee!

Satifaction Guarantee!

Satifaction Guarantee!

The Rotisir™ comes with 1-year warranty (90 days on motor and spit) and a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee! 

No flare-ups

No Messy Flare-ups!

Satifaction Guarantee!

No Messy Flare-ups!

The Rotisir™ does not cause Flare-ups, it is easy to clean and store.